About us

About us

DayBridge Communities is a fairly new program, marrying together two separate locations


At DayBridge North, our focus is on creating a home-like atmosphere for those with Dementia.
At DayBridge On The Hill, we have created a fun & inspiring center for Adults with Special-Needs with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  
Both of these locations fall under the umbrella of the Parents’ Cooperative Society for the Handicapped, Inc., a private non-profit begun in 1961.

Many people know us as Merry Glen: A Family Cooperative, a residential program serving families who have a Loved One with a developmental  or intellectual disability requiring 24/7/365 support.  Since 1973, Merry Glen has operated at our location in the Logan Neighborhood of Spokane.    

A Rich History: Serving Families since 1961

There was a time, a time within the memory of many of us today, when those with disabilities were intentionally locked away and kept out of the mainstream for a number of different reasons, some very valid, others perhaps more a convenience or the needs of that particular family.

In the 1950’s there were not a lot of options for families with a child with severe disabilities: remain at home or enroll in state institutional care. In those days, doctors often suggested to parents that they “send their child away” when they had disabilities.

Neither seemed like good options to a small group of parents in Eastern Washington wanting their children to grow up in the flow of life. They gathered together to find a way to move resources away from institutional care to community based care.  One of these parents, Kaye Epton, ran for the Washington House of Representatives and sponsored the Epton Center Act, 1961.  This action, and the continuing efforts of families all over Washington and the nation, helped launch the community-based services we take for granted today.

For many years a day program was operated, until the families put together the grass-roots funding necessary to build Merry Glen,  Washington State's first community based residential program.  Merry Glen opened in 1973.

Everything the Parents’ Cooperative has become is because of the vision and heavy lifting done by these original families who didn't wait for someone else to make things happen.    

Serving in New Ways with Old Values

Our efforts have always been geared to finding practical and enriching solutions to challenging support and care needs for families.  Changing times demand expanding services.

As our own loved ones have aged, we see the need for active day services for many others in the community experiencing…

  • Dementia & Alzheimer’s,
  • mental illness,
  • traumatic brain injury,
  • developmental/intellectual disabilities;
  • other special needs.

These, too, are family centered challenges impacting an entire family unit--but without a lot of community based support up to now.

We are building that support, through service and advocacy, through our DayBridge Communities and DayBridge Services, and through the support of the public who recognizes the need and want to be part of the solution.

More are on the way!

Often these families only need what seems like a little bit:

  • A few hours a day or a week to give the primary caregiver a break;
  • A stimulating social environment, someplace to look forward to where “everybody knows your name”;
  • A safe place place, with trained, kind and consistent staff focused only on the loved ones;
  • A flexible setting that works WITH the family to find solutions, instead of expecting families to “get with the program”.

But a “little bit” is impossible if the service doesn’t exist.

Few things are as isolating to the family as a spouse or parent who is developing dementia or a loved one with a need for social outlets in a world that doesn’t accept their “unusual” behavior. DayBridge Communities help families cope with challenging circumstances and difficult choices.

The Cooperative Model: Family Centered Solutions

DayBridge Communities are here just for you!

Most programs have a large corporate hierarchy they have to answer to in one way or another—through profits, oversight, “plain vanilla” service delivery-- everything we have come to dislike about institutional care disguised as community care.  

DayBridge is different:  our ONLY MISSION is to assist families needing help supporting a family member with serious needs.

Through the years that support has been through residential services.
Now we are building that same spirit of “Families know Best” into day services.  
We invite your family to join us.