Our Team

Qualified Staff

Nothing happens without good people doing  great work!  We know that families must have confidence in those who serve.

All DayBridge Team members have specific credentials/training beyond basic application and ID verification:

✔ Confidentiality Agreement

✔ FBI fingerprint background check

✔ Drug testing at hire and randomly

✔ 1st Aid/CPR

✔ Food Handler’s Card

✔ TB testing annually

✔ Hepititis B Vaccine is offered to all employees

✔ Mandatory Reporting Requirements: All employees of DayBridge are Mandatory Reporters, which requires any suspicion of abuse or neglect of a vulnerable person to be reported to state authorities and/or law enforcement. Staff are trained in this at intake and 2X a year.

In addition, staff are trained in the specific needs of each Loved One served.

Doug Overlock Msw

Executive Director

Doug has spent most of his career in long-term/public human services leadership. The last 10 years have been as the Executive Director of the parent organization of DayBridge Services, The Parents’ Cooperative Society Inc.  and its residential program, Merry Glen.

Doug grew up in Southern California, lived for a time in Ireland, raised a family in rural Oregon, and migrated to Spokane with his partner, Pam, in 2005.

“The day I learned that Merry Glen was a family cooperative I knew that’s where I wanted to be. Families in charge of services…the way it ought to be and I finally found it. Every day I am grateful for the foresight and patience of the founding families of this Cooperative.”

Cassie Saunders

Site Manager, DayBridge on the Hill

Cassie’s passion is advocating for others. She started doing this at a young age after seeing the greatness and diversity of our unique qualities and abilities. She attended Spokane Falls Community College, was nominated for the National Collegiate Student Government Award, served as a Senator in student government, developed an arts and entertainment section and was an editor for the school newspaper. Before moving to the West Coast, Cassie owned and operated an art gallery in downtown Spokane where she featured local, emerging artists. On the West Coast she worked in public schools as a para-educator, a site director and preschool teacher developing and implementing curriculum, along with several years of volunteering for local community centers. Prior to becoming Site Manager for DayBridge Cassie was a home healthcare provider for seven years. Cassie believes in structured flexibility and leadership that means modeling what you expect while encouraging empowerment and opportunity. Cassie is passionate about advocating for others, particularly vulnerable community members and those who feel disempowered.

Brett Faison

Program Manager, DayBridge on the Hill

Brett’s vision & passion is what created P.A.L. Recreation Center, the forerunner of DayBridge on the Hill. Brett organized a small team to create a successful community based day service model in 2016, serving over 60 folks with developmental disabilities by its third month. After Brett graduated from Mead HS, he worked at "Sally's House" for 7 years. At Sally's House, Brett recognized the importance of special-needs individuals and the significance he could make to those he served. From there Brett became a director within the 'Community Access' program within Spokane County. Continuing with this path, Brett worked at East Central Community Center. Due to funding complications, Spokane pulled out of East Central Community Center so, deciding to stay and help out the non-profit, Brett developed a 'Private-Pay' program for special-needs adults while running the Senior Center and Community Access Programs. Brett, in his spare time, was also coaching varsity baseball at Lewis & Clark HS and coached special-needs athletes basketball at North Central HS.