About Our Day Services

Our DayBridge Communities are a refuge and fun retreat  for Loved Ones and Caregivers.  Adults with Special Needs and those with Dementia & Alzheimer’s now have a "home-away-from-home" to meet with friends & cultivate new relationships in an enviornment that is safe, loving, and active.

Caring for a Loved One is a privilege, a challenge, a stressful and sometimes lonely job.   Have you ever asked yourself what else is out there that can work within the family structure you have created and ALSO give you guidance and relief and encouragement?    At a minimum, being a caregiver can be an all-consuming enterprise.

And now technology offers many new ways we can keep our loved ones at home longer.  But living at home can be isolating for everyone, and the lack of social interaction can actually make living at home less desirable,  than residential care.

That's where day services come in, offering a flexible and practical "bridge" between living at home and living in a memory care unit or assisted living, and offering a scheduled outing away from a Family Group Home

Through the diverse and professional DayBridge Communities, DayBridge is helping us cross that bridge with dignity, compassion, and LIFE!  

DayBridge Communities welcome everyone! We don’t exclude any person from participating in any of our Communities.

Your Loved One is Welcome at DayBridge!

Here is what is important to us.

DAYBRIDGE VISION:   We are our brother’s and sister’s keeper:  Helping more of our Special-needs Adults stay on track by  providing the support they need to see their life as fulfilling and safe.  Building on what works and making individual changes to lives that shouldn't be stagnant or reclusive.  


  • Today: All we have is today, and we are going to make the most of it. For those we serve, and their families, getting through today is the goal. Tomorrow is a day away.
  • Collaboration: DayBridge works best when everyone, family, staff, and essential providers, all work together on building a rich daily life for every Loved One.
  • Honesty in Service: DayBridge is interested in what works for today. We are not trying to change the world or change minds in the world about what disability is or what a proper array of services looks like to “most people”.  DayBridge works for individual families, not broader policy or political positions.
  • Lots of Flavors: If there is one place where diversity and differences are respected, it is a DayBridge community. We never assume we know best, and we never try to create cookie-cutter services. Everyone is welcome here and welcome to be themselves.

A path of growth

We are in a growth spurt!! We have learned we have something people want and we want to help others develop their own DayBridge Community where they are. We are developing a simple model of Community development for DayBridge and we know this is a service that’s needed in every town in the country. All that’s missing is you or your group to help spark a helpful service in your neighborhood. Contact us!