Recreational Day Services

DayBridge on the Hill

Recreational DayServices offer a wide range of social activities for everyone. It’s a place where folks can be themselves, have fun, and create new and meaningful relationships with others in a casual but stimulating setting. The best way to understand is to visit and see, but please take a look at our Gallery to get a sense of what goes on. Every day is its own reward.

We work to be as inclusive of special needs as possible, and will team up with the family for the right array of support for those with dementia, traumatic brain injury or other medical or cognitive challenges.

Day Services are provided through a mix of private pay, contracts with DSHS agencies such as community respite, and generous community support. Contact Brett to learn more.



Through a contract with Spokane County, DayBridge Services now offers Community Inclusion Services.

Inclusion services help “break the ice” for our participants so they can develop natural networks of friends and neighbors of similar interests. Inclusion services are an entitlement for many persons on a Developmental Disability Administration caseload. Ask your case manager.

We need Volunteers!! DayBridge’s model is dependent on neighbors helping neighbors to thrive. If you are looking for a few hours of volunteer time a month to really make a difference in someone’s life, click here


Our Service Principles

  • Kindness IS Inclusion.

  • The basic unit of society is the family, so services must be valued by and valuable to families, who come in endless varieties.

  • Fun, or what’s the point?

  • Team Empowerment

  • Safety First

Qualified Staff

Nothing happens without good people doing great work! We know that families must have confidence in those who serve. All DayBridge Team members have specific credentials and training beyond basic application and ID verification:

✔ Confidentiality Agreement

✔ FBI fingerprint background check

✔ Drug testing at hire and randomly

✔ 1st Aid/CPR

✔ Food Handler’s Card

✔ TB testing annually

✔ Hepatitis B Vaccine is offered to all employees

✔ Mandatory Reporting Requirements: All employees of DayBridge are Mandatory Reporters, which requires any suspicion of abuse or neglect of a vulnerable person to be reported to state authorities and/or law enforcement. Staff are trained in this at intake and 2X a year.

In addition, staff are trained in the specific needs of each Loved One served.